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(¢¢) Integrated High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy ( TEM )-Scanning Probe Microscopy ( SPM ) System

Responsibility: Xue-Dong Bai£¬Zhong-Lin Wang, En-Ge Wang,Xue-Jin Liang£¬Dong-Min Chen,

The TEM is equipped with electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and X-ray energy dispersion spectroscopy (EDS), by which the microstructure, electronic structure, phononic structure and chemical composition of nano-materials, including nanoparticals, nanotubes, nanofibers, quantum dots, quantum wires, etc., can be measured. The SPM has two tips for in-situ manipulations and property measurements of the nano-scale samples. This TEM-SPM system opens up a new approach for TEM imaging and simultaneous physical measurements of nano-materials. The interesting structural information of a nanostructure provided by TEM can be directly correlated with the properties measured in-situ from the same local area. The system is well suited for measuring mechanical properties, field electron emission properties, electrical properties and chemical properties of low-dimensional structures, as well as their local atomic and electronic structures, making it one of the most powerful instruments for characterizing microstructures and properties of nano-materials.


1.Xue-Dong Bai, En-Ge Wang, Zhong-Lin Wang
¡°A method for measuring Young¡¯s modulus of individual wirelike nanomaterials¡±
Application No: 200410069357.1, Application date: 2004, 7, 19

2.En-Ge Wang, Xue-Dong Bai, Zhong-Lin Wang
¡°A setup for fixing and manipulating individual wirelike nanomaterials¡±
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3.Xue-Dong Bai, Xue-Jin Liang, Dong-Min Chen, En-Ge Wang, Qi-Kun Xue
¡°A setup for driving scanning probe microscopy tip¡±
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4.Xue-Dong Bai, En- Ge Wang, Qikun Xue, Zhong Lin Wang, Dongmin Chen
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