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The International Center for Quantum Structures (ICQS), Chinese Academy of Science was founded on Oct. 26, 2000. The purpose to found the center is to bring young scientists, her members, together to carry out interdisciplinary researches in a more effective way on low-dimensional physics, nano-science and other closely related fields, by taking advantage of the member¡¯s experimental or theoretical expertise. The main research interests focus on exploring and discovering quantum phenomena and novel physical properties of the matters at reduced dimensionalities. Also, based on these fundamental researches, novel functional materials and devices, as well as their applications, will be explored. The center is hoped to become one of the best recognized research centers in the related fields in the world, enhancing the research capability and competence of China and training a new generation of scientists in the field of nano-science. Eventually, some significant scientific discoveries could be made and numerous world-leading young scientists in the fields could be fostered with the center.

ICQS was initiated by Dr. En-Ge Wang, Director of the Institute of Physics, CAS and Dr. Zhen-Yu Zhang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA. Their proposal promptly received the approval of Prof.Yong-Xiang Lu, President of CAS and Prof. Chun-Li Bai, Vice President of CAS, as well as the immediate support from the invited center members. After 6 months¡¯ preparation, ICQS was launched on Oct. 26, 2000. Prof. Chun-Li Bai, who is a member of the Academic Committee Board, presented at the opening ceremony and attended the one-day workshop. President Yong-Xiang Lu met? ICQS members that participated the workshop, discussed with them on the latest development in quantum physics and made many important suggestions for the future development of the center.
Presently, 24 well-established young scientists are serving as the center members ¨C 12 domestic and 12 overseas. All domestic members are recipients of ¡°One-Hundred-Talent Project,¡± ¡°Chang Jiang Scholar,¡± ¡°Hong Kong ¡®Qiu Shi¡¯ Fund¡± and ¡°Fund for National Outstanding Youth.¡± All overseas members are internationally well-established scientists in the respective fields, and most of them are recipients of the ¡°Fund for Overseas Outstanding Youth.¡± 13 world-famous scientists, including Prof. Dan Tsui, a Nobel Laureate in Physics, form the Academic Committee Board of the center. They actively supervise the research programs of the center.


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