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Postdoctors Ł¨9 personsŁ© graduated

Yugui Yao

Ph.D. from Institute of Mechanics, CAS
Adviser: Qian Niu and En-Ge Wang
Direction: Theory of Abnorminous Hall Effect in Ferromagnets

Gang Xiong

Ph.D. from Wuhan University & Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Adviser: Qian Niu and Yu-Peng Wang
Direction: Theory of Quantum Hall Effect
Present: Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University

Wengang Lu

Ph.D. from Nanjing University
Adviser: Hong Guo and En-Ge Wang
Direction: Quantum Transport in Nanowires
Present: Assistant Research Scientist, IOP, CAS

Dajun Shu

Ph.D. from Institute of Solid Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Adviser: Feng Liu and Mu Wang
Direction: Theory of Strain on Surface Diffusion

Xuedong Bai

Ph.D. from Institute for Metal Research
Adviser: Zhong-Lin Wang and Hong-Jun Gao
Direction: Development of Hydrid System of High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope-Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Present: Associate Research Scientist, IOP, CAS

Ququan Wang

Ph.D. from Wuhan University
Adviser: Chih-Kang Shih and Qi-Kun Xue
Direction: Optical and near-field behaviors of nanostructures and their photo-catalysis
Present: Professor, Wu Han UniversityˇŁ

Hongwu Zhao

Ph.D. from Nanjing University
Adviser: Ziqiang Qiuand Zhaohua Cheng
Present: Research Scientist, IOP, CAS

Ping Zhang

Ph.D. from Beijing Institute of Mathematics and Applied Physics
Adviser: Xin-Cheng Xie and Li Lu
Direction: Theory of Transport in Quantum Dots
Present: Postdoc, University of Texas at AustinˇŁ

Yang Guo

Ph.D. from University of Science and Technology of China
Adivser: Dong-Min Chen and Qi-Kun Xue
Direction: Quantum Effects of Nanostructures
Present:Postdoc at Northeast University,Japan

DoctorsŁ¨2 personsŁ© graduated

Wenguang Zhu

Adviser: En-Ge Wang and Zhen-Yu Zhang
Direction: Theory of formation and decay of surface based nanostructures
Present: Postdoc at Harvard University, USA

Xuejin Liang

Adviser: Qi-Kun Xue and Dong-Min Chen
Direction: Development of Cryogenic Strong Magnetic Field Dual-Probe Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Present: Associate Research Scientist, IOP, CAS


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