The 5th Annual Workshop
Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena

June 7-11, 2005

Beijing Portion Schedule

June 7 morning Chairs: Ruirui Du & Zhaohua Cheng
9:00 Opening Remarks
9:15 Steven Girvin ---Quantum Optics with Electrical Circuits: Coupling a Single Photon to a Single¡°Atom¡±
10:05 Randy Hulet ---The BCS/BEC Crossover in 6Li
10:55 Coffee Break
11:15 Chiting Chan ---Optical Forces on Small Particles
11:45 Biao Wu--- A Roller-coaster Ride with Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Lattices
12:15 Lunch

June 7 afternoon Chairs: Dongmin Chen & Zhonglin Wang
14:00 Moses Chan--- Can a Solid be Superfluid?
14:50 Hideaki Takayanagi ---Readout of Flux Qubits
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 Qikun Xue--- Controlling Superconducting Transition by Quantum Well States

16:30-18:00 Poster Session, Chair: Li Lu

18:30 Banquet (Yan Mountain Hotel)

June 8, morning Chairs: Xincheng Xie & Hongjun Gao
9:00 Horst Stormer ---The Ever-Surprising Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
9:50 Sankar Das Sarma ---How to Make Semiconductors Ferromagnetic:A First Course in Spintronics
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Ruirui Du--- Microwave Induced Zero Resistance States
11:30 Peide Ye--- Atomic Layer Deposition on Compound Semiconductors
12:00 Concluding Remarks
12:15 Lunch

June 8 afternoon: 13:00 Great Wall
June 9 morning: 8:00 Forbidden City
afternoon: 14:30 Lab Tour
20:20 Flight to Nanjing

Nanjing Portion Schedule

June10 morning, Chairs: Mu Wang, Ding-Yu Xing & Feng Liu
9:00 Opening Remarks
9:15 Horst Stormer--- The Ever-Surprising Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
10:05 Ruirui Du ---Radiation Induced Zero Resistance States
10:35 Yongyuan Zhu ---Domain Engineering: Concept and Application
11:05 Coffee Break
11:20 Ziqiang Qiu ---Surface Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect
11:50 Xincheng Xie---Angular Spin Current and Persistent Spin Current
12:20 Lunch

June 10 afternoon, Chairs: Yupeng Wang & Yi Shi
14:00 Steven Girvin ---Quantum Optics with Electrical Circuits: Coupling a Single Photon to a Single ¡°Atom¡±
14:50 Randy Hulet ---The BCS/BEC Crossover in 6Li
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 Chiting Chan--- Optical Forces on Micro-Particles
16:30 Matthias Scheffler--- Modeling Materials' and Bio-Molecular Properties and Functions from first principles
17:00 Yupeng Wang ---Spin Current and Spiral Spinons in the Heisenberg Chain
18: 00 Banquet

June 11, morning, Chairs: Ziqiang Qiu & S. N. Zhu
8:30 Hideaki Takayanagi--- Recent Progress in Mesoscopic Superconductivity
9:20 Yang Yu--- Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in a Nb Superconducting Persistent-Current Qubit
10:10 Qinghua Wang ---Theory of Doped Mott Insulators: Duality between Spin magnetism and Electorn Pairing
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Max G. Lagally ---Silicon-on-Insulator and NanoFLEXSi: Strain Engineered Silicon Nanomembranes
12:00 Concluding Remarks
12:15 Lunch
June 11, afternoon 14:00 Lab Tour
June 12 --13
Half-day excursion in Nanjing, trip to Yang Zhou in the afternoon of June 12, one and half day excursion in the historic city of Yangzhou.
June 14 morning: Leaving for Beijing